1. We have just got the CBD gummies for my 3 yrs old. He has been taking the sleep&relax gummies for 2 weeks now and it helps him falling asleep(30 mins instead of 2 hrs) do you have any advice when to take it for best effect. He has anxiety about going to sleep so I thought maybe before bed? He is such an anxious boy in the evening

  2. I have severe anxiety and I wanna try these but Im scared of what will happen if I do. Ya sounds pathetic I know. But Im afraid of the side effects.. Were you scared to take them? What were your side effects? Did you have any? I currently take xanax for my emergency meds when I have a severe panic attack and all it does is calm me and sometimes if I take more than 1mg I get tired and it's not too bad but are the side effects from the gummies the same as xanax? Or is it better? I just dont wanna feel tired 24/7 like my xanax makes me feel. Its annoying but its bad to be on xanax for long periods of times and I wanna steer clear of them if I can. Would this help me get away from needing them….if I take 1 a day? I currently take maybe 1 to 2 mgs total of xanax a day and I hate that so much! But I have attacks for like no reason and I am to the point of keeping myself homebound cuz I'm afraid to be out and have a stupid attack.
    If you could reach back to me about these it would be great. Because I'll order them if you feel it'll help. Anything to get away from the meds my doc prescribes lol. Thanks so much.
    Danielle C. (Wisconsin USA)

  3. I have ADHD and severe anxiety and CBD mixed with therapies has helped me more than medications in all honesty

  4. "Hey I'm Dan, if you guys don't know me I love to read comments. I reply to every single one of your comments you guys make so if you have any CBD knowledge I'd love to know so please put it in the comments"

    Proceeds to respond to every comment telling people to subscribe to his channel

    Made me lol.

    I don't know if you have a written script or this if stuff just pours out of your mouth, but you are very well composed, presented, and postured for someone who possesses such variety of syndromes

  5. Anxiety is a feeling of unease, such as worry or fear that can be mild or severe. CBD is known to curb the effects of anxiety and depression. It can reduce the occurrence of panic attacks and can also be helpful for patients suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). It calms the body and relaxes it, thus reducing the levels of anxiety in the patient.

  6. I use dry plant to avoid the stomach gastro side effects I use vapor and I feel the difference and works fast too like one minute fast

  7. It does by the way for everyone to know have thc it does just half a percent I personally havenโ€™t heard of one without!

  8. I use a very expensive strain called avidekel frommisrael the best won awards so on it not only helped my pain but saved my Aspergers life ask anyone around me

  9. I have severe OCD and take cbd gummies and it helps me a TON! It really did change my life and along with my meds helps me function^^

  10. Ugh, I just LOVE you! You are seriously so attractive! ๐Ÿ˜ keep making awesome videos! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ™Œโค

  11. I take CBD gummies to help me sleep. It had gotten so bad that I spent the last few months sleeping with the lights on. Iโ€™ve scaled back to a single night light. It also helps keep a motor tic I have to a manageable degree, which is a nice fringe benefit.

  12. Does anyone know how to use the 20% off code? I copied it and entered it during checkout, but it says it's invalid.

  13. So glad you brought this product up and made this video. I am a female aspie going through an identity crisis and still trying to hold down a full time job. I feel like I am in a never ending meltdown but I still smile and play my part as to not let any of my employees know their boss is imploding. I just placed an order for this product and will let you know how it goes. Any relief is better than no relief and if I can live without being turned into a zombie by prescriptions I donโ€™t want, count me in!

  14. I have aspergers and used thc to help combat my anxiety. I live in an illegal state and got 1000 dollars in fines for a gram of weed. What do I do now? My parents drug test me and cbd doesnโ€™t work very well.

  15. Hey, Dan. Fab video, as always. We live in South Africa, where cannabis has just been legalized. My son is now 20, started using it when he was 17. At that point I didn't realize he was on the spectrum. The high, especially from Indica really helps, BUT…… The downers have become more extreme over time. He has researched, and tried, weed in every shape and form. He has even grown his own.
    Cannabis is addictive. It is largely unregulated. It helps in the short-term, but long-term use has REALLY made things so much worse for him. At this point he is either too high to function, or on a downer that causes a meltdown of truly epic proportions.
    Please be careful. โฃ

  16. If you work at a place that does random drug testing or are about to get a new job, will CBD cause you to test positive?

  17. ordered and waiting! ๐Ÿ™‚ tried the coupon code though and it didn't work. But I've been meaning to try these anyways, and the video just was that last push I needed to actually get on and order them. Can't wait to try it and see how much it helps my ASD/anxiety

  18. I was prescribed beta blockers because the anxiety and panic was getting so bad my adrenal glands were working over time. I was hesitant to start them due to my low blood pressure and ended up trying cbd gummies just to see if they helped, then I bought some good quality oil. CBD is a total game changer and I highly recommend it to anyone struggling with anxiety. It got to a point where I just knew eventually I would have the panic attack that would end it all, I was suffering so bad that ending my life was going to be inevitable if I didn't do something. I am so grateful for it, it has been since October since having a really bad attack where before I started using cbd I was having panic attacks a few times (at least) a week. CBD has helped regulate my anxiety, my sleep, and overall it just makes me feel better.

  19. Im fighting for my daughter to get the oils shes 4 yrs old not verble and shes autism๐Ÿ˜” and i refuse pills because i don't want my daughter to end up with liver problems or kindey problems ๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜ฅ

  20. I purchased a vape to use with CBD oil, hoping it will help with my ADHD, Aspbergers, anxiety, and depression. So far it has helped dramatically. Also there's different flavors, so you won't taste the cbd, right now I'm using banana and chocolate ๐Ÿ˜ I also have watermelon and "Berry Blue" which is supposed to be every kind of berry in one, it smells amazing. I'll be trying it today, so I'll tell you later.

  21. I take cbd for anxiety. I used to have massive panic attacks every night. After taking cbd regularly they went away. I live in the U.S. the hemp cbd (no prescription required) made no difference. The cbd acquired through my medical marijuana card made all the difference.

  22. How to sensibly buy LEGAL cbd oil? Because I got a letter saying customs has confiscated my package two times already and Iโ€™m pissed.

  23. Super awesome Dan. Can't wait to try the cbd gummies and sleeping gummies. Saved over ยฃ6 thanks to your code. Seems like the code only works once so will have to get somebody else to order me some if I want to stock up on it. Also I hear that it won't be too long until people on the spectrum can apply for a medical cannabis card. I hear that some parts of America allow medical marijuana for autism/aspergers so it's only a matter of time ( for UK) I guess. Cheers

  24. I ordered some of these gummies. About 15 minutes after ordering I got a ton of spam mail with the username I made for yumi……..

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