1. CBD is popular in the wellness industry and people have praised the ability of CBD to transform medical conditions into relief. CBD has been associated to treat degenerative muscle conditions, depression, injury rehabilitation, acne, high blood pressure, and chronic pain. It’s been stated that there are many in the business world believing CBD can be a pioneering treatment for almost everything from addiction to pain.

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  3. 0:20 – CBD is psychoactive .
    CBD passes blood brain barrier.
     CBD binds to a cannabinoid receptor.
    CBD is decarboxylated CBDA.
    CBD is a psychoactive compound. it is bio-active

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  6. CBD oil has the essential uses in our daily lives. Thank you much for this video, you showed us not only the uses and benefits but also the risk that we must aware off.

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  9. My grandfather has been using cbd oil during cancer treatment. His apetite increased drastically as well as his mood and health in general!

  10. I have been using CBD oil for some time now and it helped me a lot with depression and as a pain relief

  11. I think we all know more or less about cbd oil, but this videos is anyway great and has some less known benefits of cbd oil

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