CB1 Capital Management CIO on Pharmacy Chains Entering Cannabis Space

CB1 Capital Management Founding Partner and CIO Todd Harrison is not surprised by recent backfilling in the market given the tremendous first quarter many …


  1. US legislation is beginning to grease the rails and the biotech (including fuel) has yet to blossom, so why panic? Take the long view.

  2. Howard Glassman, better, I would like if you talk more specifically about specific stocks, I don't want to know about his book. I would have liked to see specific questions about Cura, Harvest, Acreage, CWEB etc. maybe Medmen and Ianthus , and all the major large cap MSO American companies Major news about changes to Banking laws, the Secure and Fair Enforcement(Safe) Banking Act is being voted this week. and how it affects US companies, that was the missed question I would have liked asked. Please stop this business about getting high….. not necessary, most of us investors are not users, more homework and more specific questions would be appreciated by me. If you interview Todd Harrison again, please be more specific. Every investor is well aware that this is not just about getting high and giggling, get high and watching Netflix, nix that, no serious investor thinks that. But overall much better job, keep up the good work. Harrison is really knowledgeable, please get that knowledge out of him!

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