Case Closed | Study Shows No Lung Damage from Vaping

No lung damage. That’s the key finding from the first of its kind long-term study investigating the health impacts of vaping. Conducted by Dr. Riccardo Polosa, …


  1. If they were really concerned about Health. Well they should ban McDonalds and most Legal drugs on the market.

  2. They say “don’t vape unless you smoke” but, by that logic, no one should even start smoking. That line makes it seem like they want teenagers to smoke cigs first, then switch to vaping.

  3. Ok this is one of the first generations of teenagers who AREN’T going to get hooked on cigs. Yeah you could say vaping is replacing smoking but why is that such a bad thing? Bottom line- nicotine is a popular drug among teenagers so why would anyone want them to get it from cigs when vaping is way healthier? Ideally they wouldn’t smoke/vape at all, but teens will be teens.

  4. The very LAST thing they who profit from smokers smoking ever dreamt of was smokers finding their own market and exit from smoking! They (big state governments) took out bonds on the Master Settlement monies that each of the 50 states rakes in annually from the sales of cigarette packs. Most of the states spent the money right away, as in "counting the chickens before their hatched". When they woke from their greedy dream and market reflected the losses in sales of cigarettes, they worried "how the hell did this happen?"….. Bonnie Herzog exclaimed to the media that vaping would overtake smoking in sales by 2020 and that sent the Attorneys Generals into their Treasury Dept. to discover that VAPING WAS REPLACING THE SALES and MONIES from smokers smoking. They had a gigantic conniption fit, realizing that the FREE MONEY SMOKERS made possible for them was drying up. Out of greed and only greed they turned against this 99% safer alternative to smoking. has all the details. Get involved if you are vaping, we need to advocate and expose the corruption in BIG GOV. , BIG TOBACCO, BIG PHARMA, BIG MEDICAL INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX for what it is. #vape #95less Even teenagers that already smoke would benefit by switching to #vaping.

  5. I'm pro vaping and have been vaping for many years but this is propaganda sponsored by Flavour Arts company and it is diminishing the vaping cause. The major tell is the speed that the interviewee is answering the presenter's questions. With video conferencing, they is always a delay between each party and not only is this not present, he actually answers within microseconds of the question by the presenter. This "interview" is cut and edited and the questions are crafted to fit the answer of the interviewee which is a recording from another source. Shoddy work.

  6. They should be worried about kids smoking marijuana not vaping, I worked in downtown Montreal and every second teen is smoking these drugs. We are going to have a new generation of junkies.

  7. I’ve been vaping almost 6 months. Not one cigarette in all of that time, and no want to smoke at all! Thank you eliquid FLAVORS! I’ve been a steady smoker for 37 years. Just sayin’…

  8. If they want to ban flavors then they should ban flavored alcohol and all flavors of tobacco products this should include menthol cigarettes.

  9. At 2:30: "Progressives…….blah, blah, blah…" This isn't a progressive/regressive issue. Plenty of red state legislatures, including mine, have imposed ridiculous regulations and taxes on vaping. For every stupid move by the boneheads in San Francisco, there's another one by the city council of Frogwallow South Carolina. Nanny state liberals will fight them because of their nanny state hysteria. Conservatives fight them on behalf of PHARMA. Only lately have some of them slacked off the anti-vape crusade after Big Tobacco took its "If you can't beat ''em, join 'em" stance.

  10. Smoke that coming out from vehicles and factories is highly dangerous than vaping!! You should think that first!

  11. I have been a heavy smoker since high school. I have quit several times, but come back after a while. My longest strand without smoking after going cold turkey lasted five years, just until I opened a pub and went forced to deal with lots of smokers, so I failed again.

    I'm no physician, but since I started replacing smoking with vaping my health has improved considerably. Individual examples don't make a case, but this is the same story I heard from every smoker turned into a vaper.

  12. I was getting pneumonia at minimum 2 times a year when i was smoking cigarettes and i cant count how many days and nights i had to stay in the hospital..i have been vaping for almost 6 yrs and i havent even been sick much less had could possibly be a coincidence but no i dont think so my friends…vaping has saved my life …

  13. Our government isn't worried about our health, only the money they aren't making because cigarette sales keep falling.

  14. Hey look now the vap industry has it's own lobbyists & smear campaign but look who's really got a penny to lose the Chinese Vape industry the make all of the vape gadgets & produce a majority of vape chemicals….

  15. The bad thing about vape is when you using mtl device with salt nic and your atty is leaking to the driptip and you sip that sweet sweet juice. You will get tongue burn and some obnoxious taste that makes you want to throw up. It happens to me many times on my early years of vaping. Haha.

  16. I smoked for 20 years. A pack a day+. Starting around 2009, I got sick, bronchitis-like symptoms, gurgling, dry, painful and heavy right lung. Yes, just the one lung. It started right at the time the fire safe chemical was added but I don't know if that was the cause or if my lungs had just had enough of the smoking in general. I felt like I might die sooner than later. Horribly sick. But I didn't stop until early 2017 when I walked into a vape shop. I haven't smoked another cigarette since that day. I'm not sick anymore. Yes, I still vape but my lung function is completely normal again. I know, I know. Anecdotal. :/

  17. Nicotine in itself only temporarily raises blood pressure and heart rate. It has been shown to be a mood stabilizer, and has shown to reduce the chances of ending up with Parkinson's Disease. It is an alkaloid found in not only Tobacco, but many other plants to include Potatoes,
    Tomatoes, and Egg Plant. It also serves as a natural pesticide. It is combusted tobacco that creates problems. Anything we consume does carry a level of risk. Drink too much water, and you can die from flooding your cells. Nicotine does of course come with inherent risk. Living day to day life is risky. We all have a biologically guaranteed expiration. Parents should educate and exercise responsibility with their children. If someone wants to vape, let them vape. If someone else wants to eat ice cream, let them. Sugar is converted into fat by the body. Too much fat leads to hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, and more. It's odd how some things get more negative attention than others.

  18. I find it odd that all the countries outside of America are claiming that vaping is proving to be better than smoking but the one country America run by corporations is causing mass panic by using fear mongering titles in the news to scare people away from vaping but they have never come at cigarettes this hard they let cigarette companies get away with so much shit even though it’s proving to kill and one thing that hasn’t killed anybody that is helped people stop smoking they are coming at it with the hammer I smell corruption this is just bribes at its finest.
    Fun fact the one doctor in the UK that actually discovered that cigarettes cause cancer promoted vaping says it’s 98% healthier and after he discovered that cigarettes cause cancer guess you denied it the United States and guess what the United States was wrong so I will listen to any other country that has anything to say about vaping but America Can take their lying asses and shove their bullshit vaping studies up their ass. I mean why the fuck would you even listen to the United States on anything that has to do with vaping these are the same people who promoted cigarettes healthy these are the same people.

  19. I think its shit that i cant buy nicotine vapes here in oz and have to order them from NZ but u can go everywhere and buy cigarettes!! Where is the logic???


  21. No money to be made by the government or Big Pharma. Want to keep selling you the nicotine patches etc which rarely work. Gov are stuffed without the tax they get from cigarettes.

  22. I found vapeing is more satisfying then nasty cigarettes vape is changing the world I'm switching

  23. y'all should care more about teens grabing guns and killing then teens vapeing it's safer then cigarettes

  24. I am a liberal. I am a progressive. I also used vapor products to quit smoking cigarette. my firm belief is that vaping as harm reduction should be part of a progressive platform. Many progressives support harm reduction like methadone clinics and needle exchanges, as well as supporting an end to the failed war on drugs. To support prohibition of flavored eliquid and ecigs in general is hypocritical to the max.

  25. It's been known for many years in the scientific world that small quantities of nicotine are not harmful to a person's health in any way whatsoever and in fact does nothing but stimulate the brain and increase energy and physical activity resulting in calorie burn and weight loss, generally speaking. Nicotine does not adversely affect your health, that is a fact. But of course too much will give you the jitters and prevent you from sleeping but how is that any different from caffeine? It's exactly the same.

  26. What they dont mention is it's more dangerous to breath the air in a city, people that live in cities there whole life have black lungs and never smoked. That's ignored completely.

  27. This weird advertises on vape vs children .. why we don't see any of these nowadays on the damn flavored cigars that are lethal??

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