Cannatrade 2018 – Zürich | Weedmaps Europe

Cannatrade is the Oldest Hemp Fair in Europe. Weedmaps was on the scene last April in Zürich celebrating this CBD paradise. Can’t get enough? Weedmaps …


  1. I got Og kush, ak47, lemon haze, sour diesel, purple haze, Skywalker, amnesia haze, cocaine pills, moon rock,pineapple express.. Hit my Kik I'd.. OKIEO

  2. Wow everyone in the comments hating on the 1% THC thing… Y'all clearly don't know Switzerland is one of the leading countries supporting CBD. If you are seeking THC over CBD, then you most likely are a recreational user, looking to "get high". Low THC cannabis is allowed in Switzerland, because hemp is an amazing material, and high CBD is highly medicinal. While THC definitely has it's benefits, it is the main reason for people misusing cannabis, and giving it a bad name. Maybe society should first learn how to deal with lower potency cannabis, before moving onto the stronger stuff. Sure, high THC isn't allowed yet, but it's still a huge step forwards, and at least the actual important and highly beneficial aspects are allowed.
    Besides, high THC cannabis can definitely still be found on the black market. It's just a matter of time until the government realizes it's actually better and safer for them to provide the high THC cannabis, rather than forcing people to get it from the black market.
    Switzerland is a role-model for what other European countries should do.

  3. "It's treated as a tobacco substitute and can have a THC content up to 1%"

    Um… what? Id rather it stay illegal if that's the case.

  4. Nice. Get your CBD's with a little kick, and fulfil that smoking ritual at the same time. Win win! Not everyone wants to get fucked up every time they smoke.

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