1. Everyone talks about specific ratios and specific mixtures and such but although I go to the different FL dispensaries several times a month, I can not often enough have an intentional choice of sativa let alone something as specific as any video anywhere ever mentions.
    They never have a choice of more than two tinctures total and usually one of them I'm not approved for because as too much CBD or something about it.
    These wonderful videos just serve to taunt us by showing what does exist in reality but is never available on any of the legal fronts.
    In the past 68 days I have yet to find a single sativa product at all everything is either hybrid or indica because that's what 99.999% of the buying public will buy,
    therefore the dispensaries will not stock enough of anything else
    at least not in Florida regardless of what you teach us and what the doctors recommend for someone.

  2. Because I have worked overnight shifts for the last 15 or so years, my circadian rhythm is way off and I suffer from insomnia. I started taking a THC tincture (I still want to try a CBD one at a later date) to help me sleep. I am amazed at how relaxed and anxiety free I feel and how calm I feel. I fall asleep and stay asleep longer and longer and wake up feeling pretty good and not groggy or "hungover" like you would on a sleep medication.

  3. I recently made one and i am trying to assess the potentcy, however i find that the alcohol burns underneath the tongue if allowed to sit. I cant imagine letting it sit for a whole minute. 25 seconds is almost too long.

  4. Great vid ! 👍🏾 Very scientific and informative.
    So are you basically saying that tinctures made from flower will be all around better that using concentrate?.. 🤔 jst not as strong obviously 🤷‍♂️

  5. I'm just going to make it myself very easy just takes patience just wanted to know a little more about marijuana tinctures before I get a bottle of gin and some bud and make it

  6. Cannabis does for sure save lives, namely mine. I have a few autoimmune disorders and my 40+years of ingesting weed in every way possible spared me from the worst effects. They actually have a new drug which mimics THC in the body called Lenabausum and it is saving people from terrible sickness. Keep spreading the truth. I am fortunate to live in Canada where it is now legal, more or less.

  7. Anyone know if i can use the qeed that i make tincture with to then use it in oil or butter instead if another alcohol run?

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