Cannabis Stocks Resurrection 2019

Cannabis Stocks Resurrection 2019 – RICH TV LIVE – December 9, 2018 – The Cannabis stocks will explode and you heard it here first from your boy RICH . and …


  1. I f*&$&#& love the music videos. I feel like rich lives his best life. I'm not sure how I stumbled into this channel but very grateful for them.

  2. The title caught me by surprise, I thought it was a info video and was then rewarded with this masterpiece. Love it!

  3. Rich my friend and i were coming home from dinner and we were discussing MedMen as a Company and if they can become profitable in the next year or 2 and ESPN radio does a segment on MedMen and we look at each and laugh and go yea this is a sign to buy buy buy lol. We both have stock in MedMen but im gobbling up at low prices over the Next year or 2 while im able if the market Allows it and doesnt ,well im not even gonna say it ! Good Vibes Only !

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