1. Hey mate, am in Ontario. Do you personally get the delivery insurance with Seedsman. Or the no delivery insurance. Going to place order with seedsman soon, as they got a good deal on Fast Buds and the free seeds with seedsman is a good deal also.

  2. Bullshit, you're shilling a bogus scam company. This company will rip you off claiming your package was "returned" and then wil attempt to charge extra fees to your paymemt processor. It has been almost two months & NO SEEDS


  3. I just received my order and I am kinda disappointed they didn't give me my freebies and they didn't give me a lemon auto 10 pack of seeds that I got. Either they did that shit on purpose or someone was fucking stoned and stuck while sending my shit. It was a big order that I got but I also spent a lot of money,hopefully they respond back to my message

  4. I cancelled my order. For no reply. Said finance dept never got payment. So we sent a screen shot. Still no reply. Lmao. No seeds MAN..😎✌🕆

  5. Seedsman seeds is that american or canadian or is it based across in europe and what payment methods do they accept and are the prices in euros or L what ever that is itz annoying trying to buy seeds no gift cards accepted i know nothing about bit coin or krypto currencys or any currency other than canadian and american why wont places like these accept visa mastercard and such why bank transfers and shit like that

  6. Ok, i don't really know how to get around their site. Is there a minimum on purchases, and is cash still the best way to go? Antsy in Oklahoma. Thanks!

  7. Top de mais !!!! achei estranho vir a sementes soltas mas são incriveis as plantas da seeds man !!! você recomenda sem erro ?

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