Cannabis Perpetual Harvest Setup Guide – Growing Cannabis 201 – Advanced Grow Tips

Learn the basics behind how a 3 zone cannabis perpetual grow works. Start with a small perpetual cannabis grow and learn how to maintain a continuous …


  1. Use two tents for flowering and pull every 4 weeks. Or put one tent on an 18/6, throw autos in it and space them how you like, keep your other space on 12/12.

  2. Why not just grow auto flowers. Uses the same light cycle from seed to harvest. Doing this could you not run a perpetual grow in one tent. Just introduce the plants several weeks apart.

  3. If you were planning on doing a 9 week flowering strain, wouldn't you just need to extend the veg stage one week?

  4. Carbon filters are for people in backwards fly over states where they put you in prison for growing a plant 😂😂

  5. If you share the apartment with the plants, just give them your air through intake.You just keep the conditions right for you, breathe out and they will love it. You would be surprised how much CO2 people produce…and living soil…

  6. arent you supposed to keep a mother plant in veg perpetually, because clones of clones lose their growth vigor and bud sizes diminish?

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