Deryn Blackwell shares his amazing story of surviving to thriving following a double cancer diagnosis. Amazing young man. From more info on the Gerson …


  1. Really enjoyed this! Kate who was the person you mentioned about being the expert in cannabis? I use to buy an amazing cbd oil from Oregon called for many years. They were working with Dr Henry Han, he was onto something big and unfortunately he was murdered. I've been trying to find a medicinal cbd oil ever since. Is this person in the USA? I just found your channel after watching your interview on the stern method channel. I've been catching up on all your YouTube videos. Very formative, greatly appreciate your hard work.

  2. He is a fine young man who we had the pleasure to briefly meet at Durham, he is amazing and so is his lovely mother Callie of which I am truly grateful to. keep on doing what youre doing Deryn xx

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