1. I been taking it since March really helps a lot not just my autism but my Tourette's it is amazing I am so glad my mom searched and talk to people we know who use it for autism.. I am very happy it like WOW magic and I really love that it stopped my Tourette's..Can tell when it is wearing off because my Tourette's starts up again..

  2. I'm ASD/ADD dyslexic. I was prescribed Lisdexamfetamine, Sertraline, Quetiapine as well as a host of other things to control the side effects of the first 3.. It was horrific and made everything worse for me.. Nothing got better, life became unbearable, I stopped taking everything on christmas eve 2018 and locked myself away from the world, the withdrawal from everything was horrific but i was passed caring. a few weeks passed and a friend came looking for me, he was shocked by what he found it was a radical change in just a few weeks, he said i looked near dead. He made sure i got the help i needed and also visited regularly to make sure I was still eating and drinking. He brought a vaporizer and weed with him on a visit, he thought it might cheer me up or at least help me relax for a bit… Well, it was an like epiphany almost, like someone had removed all of the anxiety and stress from my body in one go.. I had tried weed like everyone does through school and uni but never on its own, in its pure form..wow! I got my focus back as well as my appetite, my mood was better, i could be around people, I was no longer jarred by the entire world.. The catch is that even though even though it will do me no harm and has no undesirable effects at all is its illegal where I live.. !?! I have to go down the route of being a criminal in order to feel better . Cannabis does everything the prescribed drugs did and more. I don't have to consume lots to get the positive effects either, a very small amount goes a long way.. The worst part is the way people who know nothing about the positive benefits react, like i'm a lowlife druggy using autism as an excuse to get high…. I don't need to take enough to get high as I say a very small amount of the pure plant via a vaporizer in the morning and before i go to bed is all i need.. I even get to sleep quickly. Most importantly it's not destroying my health and killing my spirit. My life is better for it.

  3. One big ad and very little info about if and how it works on you. What a waste of time. I use cbd oil for anxierty and ADD and it works very well. But this video seems more to be about your way to make others pay for your Cbd oil. 🤔

  4. CBD is my friend. Very calm during actual divorce settlement meditation meeting. No coffee (I think coffee is my enemy. My Achille's heel, per se. It skyrockets anxiety. Not good for anxious folks with asperger's. Nope, should quit coffee.)

    With sublinguals, they, unfortunately, don't work on everyone. Pity, that would work wonders for my best friend diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

    Personally, marijuana isn't meant for children. Sorry. As a medication for children, seems ethically sound. But, the human brain doesn't finish developing until twenty-five years-old. Science.

    Somehow, these tinctures can be literally formulated different for cancer patients, that would garner thanks. By differently, that, ironically, includes formulas that work when others don't in regards to pain management.

    Mack trucks hit hard, drive, and walk, carefully.

    Don't fucking drink or text while driving. Not remotely cool. Been literally hit by too many people who were drunk or texting, including on school property.

    Geico knows. I got pissed upon discovery she texted while driving in the parking lot. Kids walk there. Just don't. Everyone can actually see it, and it's frowned upon (putting that mildly).

    It's raining, it's pouring, lightning upon the storming. Lightning ions, charged currents riding vehemently upon airy rivers. Even gaseous planets have lightning. True.

  5. Thc is wonderful for autism. Just it isn’t good to be addicted/feel depended on it. Some of my greatest progressive realizations were from thc. Thc is not a drug in the sense that it has a couple direct effects that are constant across all humans. It is a psychedelic and enhances YOU and your mental state and tendencies. The experience you have on thc is directly dependent on your intention and mind state when using so that’s what is important with it.

  6. I have a 7 year old with high functioning autism. He can go into some bad rages and gets frustrated so easy. I’m considering something other than medication. Idk what would help him but I don’t want him a zombie. Gimme real advice

  7. Have you tried vaping the CBD hemp flower you can get online now? I've found it way better than at least the tincture/vape oil, though I haven't tried any creams or whatever else.

    Always hated the taste of the tincture and just didn't find the vape oil that beneficial (maybe just the particularly one I used).

  8. So I'm a new cannabis user, introduced to doing it the traditional way (smoking) and it's…changed life for me. I'm almost tearing up just realizing that 22 years of pain from autism can finally melt away for me and i can enjoy life. I don't have to hide in my room and neglect my autism anymore. Now i can take this herb and go out and feel somewhat comfortably, i can function okay. I will never again take a pill for my autism, this herb will be my lifelong medicine.

  9. I've found the cbd vape oil really helpful. I've not been diagnosed, but my doctor thinks I have fibromyalgia. I also have ADHD and aspergers. For me it has helped me manage my pain and seriously reduced my anxiety and stress levels. And helps me to get to sleep. If there are any negative side effects, I've not experienced them myself.

  10. It is but a lot of states are starting to fully legalize marijuana on a full scale. But also THC does have a medical property to it. It's used for treating eating disorders, PTSD and some forms of autism. But every state that legalized marijuana has a list of conditions that are qualifiable for medical marijuana. In a lot of States autism is not on the list of qualifiable conditions so it's always pushed out. But there are organizations and groups out there that do push to have autism put on those list. I live in the state of Virginia where marijuana is not legal yet but we are working on a bill that will make marijuana fully legalized to use them medically and recreationally. Autism will be put on that list of qualifiable conditions.

  11. Lots ppl with asp have gi disorders pls try vapor instead I use avidekel changed my life made in israel

  12. I actually think CBD for Autism is an amazing thing. CBD comes in all great forms and I think gummies are the easiest form for children. I've previously used pure relief gummies and they have been my easiest and favorite.

  13. you need to go back and learn again THC is in the flowers , thats why Hemp , which is a brother plant of cannabis is not good for smoking theres very little flower CBD yes you can get from hemp too but have a good look at your bottle is useless , make your own and you will get way more CBD in the make and you get to mix your own quality the one from Holland is useless did not help any thing for me for my sinus or any other problems , then i did start making my own and my sinus stopped dead in its track i am off my high blood ppressure tablets , water retention tablets , even (which took one month) cured an ear infection that i had for two years , the way to get the best quality CBD oli is outof the leaves of the plant of cannabis plant , the oile we dilute with coconut oil at 8/1 and it works wonders the reaction is immediate when you take it no waiting weeks and months , , cost wise it cost me 20 euros for 6 to 8 bottels(30ml per bottle) of oil when i make it self i followed the Rick Simpson way , works wonderful altho i do not use industrial alcohol for the extraction but fruit alcohol , you got it all wrong with THC too if your flowers been decarboxylated you do not have any side effects , getting your blood pressure down is good (that the CBD does too ) your body regulate it any way by it self, we ,my husband and I could drop all our tablets on only using CBD oil , with THC it is addictive if you use the raw plant do the decarboxylation then it is not addictive, there is NO side effects dont say there is if you have not used it self (hearsay or reading it on someones page is of no use) , that bottle you holding is normally 30 ml (but you can get the 15 ml too) i have the same i bough in Holland and still standing on the shelf because the CBD is too low and useless then for us , i stopped using it with in one week , in the body it takes too long for any valued healing , using ours in three months we started slow by dropping , with the help of our pharmacist , our chemical meds , at 66 and 77 we on no meds any more and I have not seen a doctor in 5 years i been studying naturopathic meds for almost 6 years , get a good vitamin and mineral to boost your system and use the oil with it and you be healthy , look on youtube for the 12 bad foods to drop from Dr Glidden and you be like us healthy and pain free

  14. Well, I was hesitant at first about cbd and actually didn’t want to take it due to the stigma that comes with it.A week ago, my anxiety and depression went to a point that I was not able to deal with anymore. I was close to a mental breakdown and wanted to give up on everything. I looked up a store that offers cbd related products and I went there to gather some information right at the source. A very professional staff member told me everything about it and i got myself CBD Gummies! I am now on day 3 of the treatment and I feel like a new version of myself! My anxiety, my depression, even my adhd symptoms have gone back to a manageable degree! I can even deal with social anxiety in a much better way. If this keeps going, then I will continue this, since this has optimized my life tremendously

  15. CTFO CBD Oil is a great product as well. Use on my son who suffers from what you have in addition to seizures. So far he is showing improvement in all areas. No seizures yesterday. He does the full spectrum tincture from CTFO and also vapes. Thanks for sharing your review.

  16. My 6 yr old son has aspergers and would struggle at school with his behaviour and unstructured time. We have been giving him CBD oil from CBD Brothers. He takes half a pipette of the Blue edition before school and goes on to have a perfect day.

    I completely swear by CBD Brothers. Their oil has helped my son enjoy school.

  17. Cannabis is legal is most of America, but the CBD sure doesn't do much without the THC, which is psychoactive but does not affect everyone the same. I have a disease called acne inversa and without weed, I would have killed myself or ended up on very bad meds. You can also smoke CBD which is a mega cool option because you won't get high at all. May I add: DO NOT RUB MORE THAN 1 CBD OINTMENT ON YOUR SKIN AT 1 TIME.

  18. cbd is extremely expensive and is a partial reason why it will stay illegal, when you can grow a plant that has over 20% cbd from the med marijuana uk

  19. your pretty wrong about thc, pure sativas from tropical countries where they have always bred the plants for ganja not hasish or charas, some induviduals who are effected in a paranoid or anxious way shouldnt use it

  20. cannabis is essentially hundreds if thousands of medications depending on the cannibinoid ratios and terpenes also. By the way you got a shit ton wrong on the etymology of the cannabis but theres nothing bad about that most people doing even know what cannabis is. Also cbd is antipsychoactive, thats why its anti-psychotic it is a sleep aid in high doses, thc exacerbates some aspects of it and suppresses others, also thc isnt psychotic inducing it just excacerbates symptoms of what we call psychosis occuring in certain induviduals going through what shamans would refer as an initiation or a spiritual awakening, a spiritual awakening isnt glamarous and shit either just saying it could be many things, we as humans box things into good or bad stupidly lol and nature is free flowing af

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