1. She's beautiful. Glad you looked into that therapy and took that route. Love your training videos too by the way.

  2. This is awesome info. I lost my dog a few years ago after a looong battle with mast cell. We excised the masses that kept popping up, but they just kept coming. The preds kept things at bay for some time until the cancer got into her lungs. I knew about RSO at the time but it was very expensive to obtain and basically illegal. I was able to have my friend obtain some, but it wasn’t enough. I’m glad it is easier to get now. I just adopted a rescue dog and since she was used as a puppy machine in her previous life we are giving her AHCC and RSO to help heal her immune system. It’s only been a few months and she already looks like a different dog.

  3. My dog has lymphoma and we are going to start her on oil. She is about 75 pound if you can help and suggest a dosage I would be very grateful. I just want my dog to feel better and live a good life

  4. We just spoke to Jessie, and he talked to us about our dog Sadie who was diagnosed with Lymphoma in June. He advised us what we needed to do, and we agreed, and sent him the payment for the oils to start her with. I really hope this helps. Will keep you updated. It's a little scarey handing over money that you can't really afford, but if it saves our girl, I will be forever grateful.

  5. What great news it is to hear Shorty is doing so well! Peace and love to you both, and to the rest of the pack. (Mickey is such a photo bomber.)

  6. My lil baby girl Kelsie lost her battle to stage 3 aggressive cancer 18/7/19 RIP
    Gave her legal CBD in UK, but wasn’t enough to save her 😢💔

  7. 0:140:16… Ahaha… Wonder what else that dog goes through. So you're a dog lover huh? Yeh sure, keep trying to convince people of that. That was dick fucking move dude. I don't give a flying F if you just wanted your pittie and you in the shot, that dog came to you having done NOTHING wrong but wanting to say hi and show love and you just straight up got agressive and shoved him/her away. Never unsubbed so freakand fast. I refuse to support a channel that's supposed to be about "peace and love for dogs" (pitties or not), run by someone like you mister "peace and love dog lover".
    To the followers: you're no better than he is if you turn a blind eye to what you just saw and keep following this ass. Love is not reduced to specific breeds, its fucking universal. Any TRUE dog lover knows this.


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