Cannabis News – Words Aren't Money | Ep. 450 | 07-26-2019

Joe Klare discusses why Texas prosecutors are dropping marijuana cases, social cannabis use in Alaska and the attempt to legalize adult use marijuana in …


  1. as a citizen of Texas I can assure you that the tolerance for pot is limited to Harris County, (Houston) Travis County, (Austin} and Dallas. That's pretty much it. Cops (particularly Sheriffs) LOVE to bust people for pot, and it's not stopping anytime soon. As long as Greg Abbott and Lt Dan Patrick are in office, NOTHING will change. It will probably be legal nationwide before Texas gives in and even then the powers that be will make it highly restrictive.

  2. That's awesome that Texas is being more lenient and Florida is sinking about recreational Cannabis the problem is is Washington DC the District of criminals we need to get cannabis rescheduled off of schedule blood that is the root of all of our problem

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