Cannabis News – Who's Afraid of Big Weed? | Ep. 447 | 07-23-2019

Joe Klare discusses new rules for hemp coming to Ohio, medical marijuana in Mississippi and a big new merger in the cannabis space. 7-23-19 – Ep. 447 | The …


  1. im from ohio and it doesn't seem like marijuana is catching on i stay in Nebraska its a big no here im moving to VA im hoping they catch on soon

  2. I'm sure people feared big alcohol in the last days of prohibition, yet imagine game night without beer? I for one ca't fucking wait for big weed. I want enourmous, stupendous, gigantic fucking colossal weed. When are these fucking asshole just going to fucking cry uncle already? Prohibitionof weed is about as good an idea as putting your cock into a red hot toaster!

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