Cannabis News – Tolerance | Ep. 457 | 08-06-2019

Joe Klare discusses cannabis tolerance, medical marijuana in West Virginia and traffic deaths in Nevada. 8-6-19 – Ep. 457 | The Marijuana Times …


  1. I've been smoking weed for over 25 years and I still buy a quarter a week, every week and I smoke 24/7 and get high everytime I smoke a joint. Don't understand the tolerance thing.

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  3. Vaping 50 mg nicotine salt liquid can help you take a break from Cannabis. When you wake up and vape a few hits it will get your rocks off fer sure…. afterwards be careful… only takes 3-5 hits per hour to get a nicotine fix, it is that powerful…..

  4. Here in Texas lieutenant governor Dan Patrick is keeping us safe by locking up small-time marijuana users and killing compassionate new bills before they hit the floor to be voted on thanks Dan good job

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