Cannabis News – They Think You are a Baby | Ep. 335 | 02-15-2019

Joe Klare discusses an update on medical marijuana smoking in Florida, what the European Parliament thinks about medical cannabis and how close New …


  1. I am a Mmj patient in Florida we can’t smoke a joint but we can have 90 % thc Concentrate shatter crumble crazy

  2. most pot arrests are false arrests, kidnaped, forceably taken and imprisioned. there is no statues of limitations on fraud. They're are no legal statutes codes regulations under common law. common law is lawful not legal. common law is the supreme law of the land. its worth a study i think, and i wish i knew more about it but i don't.

  3. There ARE "guard rails" ALREADY in place in the form of age restrictions. Thank you but I will roll my own, or I will stick it in a pipe (also sans filter). To be perfectly honest I am a light weight and am perfectly content to stay that way, I have no desire to buy a pre-roll because I only need a couple of tokes….every 1/2 hour or so. I just love spending the day with a light buzz going on all day.

  4. Hey Joe πŸ˜‰πŸ’¨πŸ€˜ i think the Florida law is Bull shit myself!!! Can't the governor say enough is enough? Fix it now!?

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