Cannabis News – Remember When Maine Legalized Adult Use Marijuana? | Ep. 378 | 04-17-2019

Joe Klare discusses a man who grew cannabis for the sick facing prison, Maine’s recreational marijuana program and the growth of 4/20. 4-17-19 – Ep. 378 | The …


  1. I live in Maine. Although I have a medical card I have been waiting for adult use for YEARS. It is ashame we had to get rid of Asshole LePage before what we voted for could even begin to put it in place. Sadly Maine is not the only place the state government has done everything they could to obstruct adult (or even medical) use.

  2. Pennsylvania medical marijuana program is very expensive for patients on Medicare, none of it is covered by insurance, it will not help with the opiate academic, unless patients could grow their own, this would lower the cost at dispensary.

  3. Still rocking the Rik and Morty???
    The creator is sick sick sick. That wall space could b much better product placement or a pic of a lovely luscious female in bloom.

    Anyhow, cheers. Wish we had some news for you from the UK.

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