Cannabis News – Pot Poisonings? | Ep. 466 | 08-19-2019

Joe Klare discusses medical marijuana in Pennsylvania, a dumb article about pot “poisoning” and why Canadians still prefer illegal marijuana. 8-19-19 – Ep. 466 …


  1. This is why you never let the government grow your plants they want to control the population so they make what ever they can toxic! grow your own!

  2. There’s a flower shortage going on right now in Pennsylvania with the new systems we need more cannabis.✌️❤️

  3. This almost makes me want to prank call poison control….

    " Yeah.. is this potion contro' … Yo dawg, I been ripping phat bong hits of what I thought was marihuana all afternoon… I feel tired.. and hungry.. does the hospital have pizza & Mario kart ? "
    " Do you hear that siren ? Are the cops outside ?! "

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