Cannabis News – Poor Colton | Ep. 461 | 08-12-2019

Joe Klare discusses legalization in Florida, Judge Jeanine Pirro joining the cannabis industry and the story of a liar and his dumb dad. 8-12-19 – Ep. 461 | The …


  1. I love you my brother from another mother…..we think to much alike dude. Keep calling out the bullshit, Joe!

  2. I have been smoke since the 6th grade, but I can go without it, But I am addicted to coffee and cigarettes.. When you don't have a joint it is nothing, yea we are happy when we get it, but let me miss my coffee and cigarette. I be a monster. Thanks Joe. I'll forward to son who is in Canada today per his job whose 4 year old named Colton. He was able to have pot delivered to his room last night. Blue Gelato. He was so happy. Have a great day friend👀

  3. The big addiction we have is SUGAR. I'm a sugar addict. I need caffeine also. With both I cant believe how crappy I feel

  4. That was awesome you go and get that bacon and eat the bacon my friend roll it up and blunt and smoke it my too my friend!!!!!!

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