Cannabis News – Outrage | Ep. 352 | 03-12-2019

Joe Klare discusses outrage over police searching a cancer patient’s hospital room for marijuana, medical marijuana sales in North Dakota and a possible deal …


  1. That what happen when we let people that dont smoke weed make the laws about weed end up bad for everyone

  2. Not necessarily. Do not get me wrong. He was in a hospital. He never surrender his bag he wanted to keep when he goes. CBD oil can’t be smelled around the block. He apparently smoked in his room. Great! It works for him. What about patients next room over. I’m am dealing with the problem currently and I have smoked weed my entire life until this high powered grade came about. Now I have panics attacks. I am in an apartment and people are lightening up cigarettes and weed and I smell them both and it is upsetting. I get it. But we did not see the cops take his private belongs which I believe had his smokable weed contained. The law was called because of others smelling the weed. I do not believe others would smell weed unless they smelled weed. Get that. I do. Can’t stand the smell anymore. Our bodies change and apparently mine rejects it. The CBD is junk. I’ve tried it all week. Sorry no for me. But I do not care if others use it. That is fine. But smoke it at home. Not public place. Maybe the hospital should designate reefer rooms. Think that will happen? 100 years, all will be dead. Thank you. Enjoy your videos. I am all for legalization recreational. It’s the losers in parking lots getting high and customers have to smell it because of immaturity. Some day…🙌🏻

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