Cannabis News – Not to be Cynical, But… | Ep. 402 | 05-21-2019

Joe Klare discusses the failure of adult-use legalization in New Jersey, a sales record in Colorado and an update on medical cannabis in Ohio. 5-21-19 – Ep.


  1. Gorilla gardening is in effect…cannabis is popping up all over public spaces….you are the change

  2. Corporate Democrats are Republicans, both only listens to the donors not the voters, that’s a big part of legalization ✌️❤️

  3. When we stop paying attention in the spring and summer, Republican Donors walk Cannabis LEGALIZATION back everytime

  4. on the federal level , the democrats are holding up things on marijuana legislation . i don't think they really want it to happen

  5. If Illinois fails, it will be all over..Cresco stocks will fall, and there'll be a lot more people moving including me.

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