Cannabis News – Marijuana Made Me Do It | Ep. 454 | 08-01-2019

Joe Klare discusses a crazy court ruling in France, another study about the effects of cannabis on cancer and an update on adult use legalization in Florida.


  1. This story of the French government making this ruling smells fishy like they have an agenda like they're trying to demonize cannabis Muslims are just insane and extremely racist that's why that Muslim killed the Jew it has nothing to do with cannabis and the government just thought of the way to make cannabis look like the murderer instead of the real murderer the racist Muslim and that is extremely repulsive to me on so many levels cannabis is a medicine that calms you down the whole problem of the story is it smells like there's a jindas stacked on top of deception stacked on top of Lies for a certain narrative perspective Warp against cannabis and it's repulsive

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