Cannabis News – Keeping Up with the CBD | Ep. 395 | 05-10-2019

Joe Klare discusses the Kardashians and CBD, decriminalization in North Dakota and whether or not legalization in New Jersey is sleepin’ with the fishes.


  1. Joe says.."I remember it,..this is where this guy lights up a joint…watch this…got $5 on it" oh my, HaHaHaHa, very funny!

  2. North Dakota just decriminalized cannabis two days ago i heard. Holy Toledo. Or Fargo. i dont smoke it but im all for it. i did smoke it for 6 years i functioned fine on it. i cant get high on it anymore i developed a tolerance so i quit. i smoked from the age of 28 to 33. i didnt try it until i was 28. i didnt see it til i was 28 i didnt know anyone who smoke it til i was 28. weird huh? im a late bloomer. Im American as Apple Pie who says good people dont smoke pot? The Keebler Elf Troll.

  3. Kim Kardashian is KNOWN for riding things! Trends, waves, cocks etc, etc…. In other actually important news the twin island of St Kitts and Nevis just defacto legalised medicinal and recreational cannabis and I for one am exstatic about that……. because I live there!!!! 😎

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