Cannabis News – Is This the End? | Ep. 403 | 05-22-2019

Joe Klare discusses the slowing progress of state-level legalization, a reporter who tried to grow some marijuana and legalization faltering in Connecticut.


  1. Growing is a JOB, if you're going to do it right. It takes hours out of every day. But you will be rewarded greatly!

  2. You are rigjt, you can make all the wine you want you just can't sell it, same with tobacco, whiskey ect…

  3. Slack reps concerning cannabis are in part because of the false christian enfluence coming out of the churches

  4. As a resident of NY, the north east as a region regarding Cannabis is in a dense fog. Its like nothing has happened out west and we ignore it all….gees this is painful to experience the state by state legislative blunders…gratitude for the news Joe, you rock!

  5. 10th Amendment..? President Trump said, before he was selected, that he wished Marijuana Legalization would go "back to the States".. Trump could sign an Executive Order tomorrow to make it legal on the federal level, but he hasn't.. If I fell asleep with Obozo as President and woke up with Trump the President, I would think Obozo were still in Office.. thanks MT..

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