Cannabis News – Is There Anything Hemp Can't Do? | Ep. 468 | 08-21-2019

Joe Klare discusses a wonderful side effect of legal hemp, what the American Bar Association thinks about cannabis law reform and how many medical …


  1. There you go you proved my point that the government is ran in the top echelons of these elitist are pedophiles and satanic freaks they rape people and murder them for a Pastime they look at they look at Humanity as Channel channel they can eat and rape and destroy look up edge of wonder Sgt report William Mount Channel x22report I've been red pilled I know the truth these evil people that run this country for decades they murder rape steal and destroy why do you think the Democrats are coming uncunted over the wall that's cutting off their drug source that's why they act the way they do and they hate border security all these illegal aliens that have no documentation get disappeared interests human trafficking why do they call it that is because it's just like drug trafficking it's a vice they traffic human beings for sex also they scare people to death adrenaline in their blood and they drink it and they get high and it's called adrenal Chrome these people are evil and Trump is our last hope I've trying to turn this brainwashed s*** for brains country and save its life from these evil satanic vampire pedophiles the fact that there's backlog rape kits proves my point that they don't care about that cuz they are the ones perpetrating it and they fight against cannabis so bad as I saw Bilderberg video on how cannabis will not allow you to be brainwashed and that's why they hate cannabis does not allow they're Tavistock Institute MK Ultra brainwashing to happen as easily or at all that's why they hate cannabis and they love rape cuz that's what they are they are a bunch of pedophile vampiric rapists that's what our government is sadly peace out into the world have a great day

  2. well joe you cant expect the be rightious the still look at canibus as a drug not the herb that it is plant are more dangerous than a rapist they say well yes when they are the rapist just ask a native. we were raped of flesh an land F THE G- JOE

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