Cannabis News – Gym, Tan and a Lame Duck Legislative Session | Ep. 462 | 08-13-2019

Joe Klare discusses legalization in Arizona, the fastest growing medical marijuana states and whether or not legalization can still happen this year in New …


  1. Why do some collectives sell brown weed like that isn’t medicinal medication so sad

    tick tock tick tock

  2. There are 2 groups in Arizona collecting signatures for 2 different initiatives
    1) smart and safe AZ 😢
    2) Az justice league 😀
    Az justice league has a MUCH BETTER proposition that actually protects citizens from police agencies and is much closer to actual freedom
    Unfortunately smart and safe AZ has the backing from the wealthy interests who own the dispensaries. The ONLY positive thing about S & S Az is home grow.. besides that it is a sell out to police & dispensaries

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