Cannabis News – Fighting the Feds | Ep. 413 | 06-05-2019

Joe Klare discusses the pace of federal marijuana law reform, a court ruling on a lawsuit against the federal government over cannabis and edibles in Canada.


  1. Yeah you're absolutely right the psychopaths in the house are dragging their feet cuz they have to demonize somebody name Donald Trump instead of doing their damn job all I have to say is our system is broken because of the Psychopaths that have agendas and also have the pharmaceutical companies paying them off to keep cannabis illegal it's wrong on a lot of levels there's so much hypocrisy dealing with legalizing cannabis and it's all opinion upon b***** upon Miss information and propaganda that's all the prohibitionists have left good episode peace out man have a great day check out Reggae Shark Man that is hilarious that has a cartoon with the video peace out have a great day

  2. Dude I got the same problem but it's even with a weirder funnier song it's called Reggae Shark by The Key of Awesome it's just this video on YouTube dude and it's a Stoner video you got to check it out yourself it's freaking hilarious peace out have a great day

  3. But, but, but…we need more research and until we get more research we need to keep it scheduled in a way that makes actually doing that research harder, so we can continue to scream we need more research. CATCH 22 forever!!!!!

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