Cannabis News – Do Some Police Work | Ep. 401 | 05-20-2019

Joe Klare discusses adult use legalization in New Hampshire, how legalization affects police who use marijuana odor as an excuse to search a car and a story …


  1. Joe I wonder who'd be more likely to shoot someone; a person who smoked a doob, or someone who drinks a half fifth of Jim Beam?

  2. Cops would lose the ability of intimidation and attempting arrest with legalization, it’s a great way for bad cops to plant evidence, search you your car or home .

  3. Yeah I heard about this not too long ago good onya for bringing some more attention to it is so repulsive that this government tries to screw you anyway they can it's wrong and they should not have the right the Second Amendment says shall not be infringed under a no circumstances it's repulsive that these traitorous rats in our government try to steal our rights when they are nothing but a bunch of satanic vampires that literally scare people to death so they can drink their blood and get high it's called adrenochrome we should start shoving that and their faces every time they try to screw with us in the Cannabis community look it up it's real and it's f*** up why shall we let these evil motherfukers get away with what they do and they s*** on us for not hurting anyone at all

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