Cannabis News – Are You Allergic to Marijuana? | Ep. 341 | 02-25-2019

Joe Klare discusses medical marijuana use in school, cannabis allergies and more blow back against Alex Berenson. 2-25-19 – Ep. 341 | The Marijuana Times …


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  2. I don't get the red eyes at all personally. As for allergies, I think people with general pollen allergies would be the main concern, in which case those individuals ought to avoid a field or flower room when its in full bloom, particularly in cases of hemp where more male plants are found- which are responsible for producing pollen. As for an actual THC (or other cannabinoid) allergy, I'd imagine its possible but I've never heard a solid case of it.

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  5. Hey Joe, just me again. Guess what. Oklahoma already allows kids to get cannabis at school. The OKC public schools ruled on their policy a month or two ago. Caregivers have to bring it on and off campus and give it to the kids. So the school nurse can't give it to the kid. But not bad for OK huh. I'm so proud of my state.

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