Cannabis News – Adult Use Legalization Coming to New York? | Ep. 316 | 01-21-2019

Joe Klare discusses Governor Cuomo’s plan for legalization in New York, a bad delivery and what Trump’s new Attorney General nominee thinks about …


  1. must remember the AG only upholds federal law and prosecutions. he doesnt make law. everyone needs to contact their elected officials and demand recreational cannabis be legalized. they will of course want to regulate and tax it like alcohol but it will be legal. when 1 state sees their capital going to a neighboring state and their revenue starts to drop they will want to hop on board. however it is up to the ppl to make sure they end prohibition the correct way and dont aim it at big corporations making profit.

  2. Knowing Cuomo tho he will want it all ran by corporate barons who will want to give us shittier than shit weed grown in giant business conglomerate growhouses instead of farms all over new York State allowing for wonderful harvest and economy

  3. Adult uses useless without recreational Grows I don't even want to be in the State anymore

  4. Im happy to see Wisconsin is making moves. Tony Evers is putting the 1st step to medical marijuana into the state budget thing ~ im from wi

  5. You nailed it with what NY is projected to do, restrict it heavily and from lots of angles. Sad state of affairs to be a New Yorker, unless we are allowed to grow it outside, with enough plants to make some RSO. NY is also currently the WORST Medical Cannabis program in the US….yes, get off the POT was a PUN, well played and gratitude for your show!

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