Cannabis News – 4 Years for Marijuana Chocolates | Ep. 416 | 06-10-2019

Joe Klare discusses the FDA’s hearing on CBD, the cancer sufferer sentenced to prison for marijuana chocolates and a former Congressman’s prediction on …


  1. That is NOT a crime to treat cancer with cannabis & NO, the judge wasn't not compassionate with sentencing 4 years, gees!

  2. Navy Seal murders Iraqi civilians..
    Cancer dude buys chocolate..
    In prison with rapists, killers, & pedos

  3. the city of Oakland California just decriminalized Ayhuasca peyote and it became the second city after Denver to de-criminalie majic mushrooms. they say ok fine but selling any of that stuff is still forbidden. sounds fair to me! YEEYEE….its medicine for the soul and people need it. majic mushrooms are set to replace anti depressents in the next 5 to 10 years and doctors will be able to prescribe LSD. Yo doc i need a…

  4. So Trump will legalize cannabis right AFTER he gets re-elected.
    LOL sure he will.
    Also my boyfriend will pull out so there is no need to use condoms.
    Just hang in there and I will give you a huge raise ….next quarter.
    Don't hang up somebody will be with you soon, your call is important to us.

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