Cannabis News #2 | DEA Agent invests in Hemp, Illinois Rec?, Eliada and TSA says CBD OK!

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  1. You may find some interesting content here 'California Bureau of Cannabis Control – Weekly Report/'... This is for the weekly State of California Cannabis Report( to get the reports you will have to subscribe). There generally are 2 reports one every other week. One report shows permit applications(for the entire state) and the other show general testing report data(SUCCESS/FAILURES%).. I also get some news content from here 'PotGuide ('.. Try it Mikey likes it…. Also if you want to know more about Sun Glasses for your grow , there 4 levels ' CAT 1,2,3and 4… Cat 4 would be for your Grow Lights. Cat 4 only allows between 3% to 8% of light to penetrate .. My Cat 4s are rated to allow 0% of UVA and UVB through and a very small amount of infrared….

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