Cannabis menus: Amsterdam, Haarlem & Zandvoort Marijuana Menus of Coffeeshops & Dispensaries

This compilation of 37 Amsterdam, Haarlem and Zandvoort coffeeshop / marijuana menus video features unique images taken by the …


  1. Very sad that shops are allowed to sell weed for €35 a gram. We buy those tins anywhere in the states even if they’re shipped across the country from NY to LA for $35 an eighth. I love Amsterdam and IK since we legalized the USA tourism has decreased greatly but prices like that are literally robbery. SMH.

  2. Amsterdam weed has become so ridiculously overpriced for untested average quality. I hope this will change but I know better.

  3. too bad we cant see a complete menu from yanks , we only see joints specials and hash , but not the regular cannabis prices….

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