This Channel✅ Posts EVERY SUNDAY! Harvesting the 5×5 indoor grow tent and discussing the pros and cons to wet and dry trimming Cannabis and talk about …


  1. Whats your method? WET OR DRY TRIM? Lets hear it down below! Enjoy your week everyone.

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  2. Nice. But did they have the claws the whole time growing?? If so then you or either over feeding or too much Co2 in the room. Do you use Co2??

  3. Whow. Nice result. I got 4 white widow and get 287 grms. Not bad, was my first time. I will have 10 Afghan mass xxl and 10 White Widow next time. Kind regards and thanks for excellent videos

  4. People don't get mad if you don't get results like this he is a very advanced grower and has years under his belt as well as trial and error so don't get discouraged if u don't get the same results first time growing you will better as you Grow but some are luckier than others their first go around …great vid anyways good knowledge as always

  5. I love how all your videos are high quality ,always interesting and i get to learn a lot from you 🤩🙏🤝💯🔥

  6. Reverse cure: bounce between the fridge on it's warmest setting and hanging in dark cool room at60% once smell and colors are good about 10 days then freeze difference cannot decide which way I like best

  7. Dry all day. I don't know why people say wet is easier but I think it depends which one you try first

  8. dommage que personne ne parle francais .le king de la weed que je ne comprend pas .si des canadiens peuvent m.aidé je leurs apprends le francais mdr .

  9. How can someone give this man a thumbs down… he's one of the top five Growers I have seen on YouTube and I think he's number one

  10. When I used to grow it was always a wet trim but I never got the drying and curing down hopefully this season will be better with all your information bud

  11. Hi, I'm from brazil. I really love this wonderful plant !! I have some in my garden ❤️🌱

  12. i wet trim all fan leafs an alot of sugar leaf, when its dry i do a final trim then into the jars for cure

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