Cannabis Legalization News Friday Edition – May 17, 2019

Cannabis lawyer, Tom, doesn’t know the mic is on because youTube fucked up and did now show his levels – then he catches on and gets to cannabis …


  1. my grandmaothers mother came over from Norway when she was 9 years old. One question i ask is.. Wheres her parents?! i dunno. Tusan Tuck and Uff Da is about my Limit to the Norweigian vocabulary. no limit on Tomatoes pots hard to grow not many want to grow it theyre acting way greedy. money grabbers sounds like Marlboro is involved pushing around the poloticians. Kratom helps with pain too a medium strain also gives you energy for the gym and working out i hear.

  2. Tom,

    We spoke briefly through email in the past.. I’m now 2 months away from my start date for law school. What areas of law did you focus in to prepare you for a career in cannabis law? I’m pretty sure you work with banks primarily, but I was curious if you had any recommendations or advice.

    Thanks in advance!

  3. And get you a good PPO if you can afford it! Im 20 years old and am very healthy but I have had multiple serious old man health problems in the past! You never know what life can throw at you and I am very grateful to be covered, I feel like it is very important. We need you in this fight man!

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