Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome (CME Episode) | Incident Report 234

Cannabis DECREASES nausea and vomiting, right? But can the OPPOSITE happen? Here’s what you need to know. This episode is eligible for continuing …


  1. For all People who suffer

    Benzodiazepines is the only medication that help!!! (its highly addictive)
    But if you want to get rid of it

  2. Thanks man. Just got diagnosed in the ER a week ago!!!! I’m a 25 year old male tired of waking up in the morning feeling pregnant lol!!!!!!! But yeah something about the hot showers really does help but this ain’t a sustainable lifestyle. Time to make a change I guess!!!

  3. Weed was a natural plant an they turned into a drug an syndrome control us .wame up ppl our kids are genie pigs ..

  4. My boyfriend is going through this right now, his been in and out of hospital all week and we think that it is this Syndrome as the doctors dont seem to have any idea why he is the pain he is in.

    Although he gave up pretty much straight away a week in he is still has allot of lower stomach pain.

    Has anyone had it where the pain starts in the lower chest/upper intestine and moved down to the pelvic area????

  5. I suffer from this condition for the last few years, only recently have i come to terms with it and fully stopped consuming cannabis… some of the hardest weeks in my life but i am working on making my body healthier and getting back on track.. Thank you so much for making this video and spreading awareness about this condition!

  6. Great video, very clear and informative. I was able to identify my CHS in the prodrome period and have quit cannabis completely and all symptoms have gone away. Thanks to the internet and videos like this one I was able to figure this out when otherwise it may have taken years to figure out and may have progressed to those further stages. Also was relieved that it was not some more serious condition as I had feared.

  7. This makes you want to fucking die. It’s is horrific. Only someone who has experienced this knows the agony. I sometimes get anxiety and tear up exposing how bad the pain gets to someone else. When you’re actively committing is the only time you get any kind of relief. Then when you stop you are in incredible amounts of pain until you vomit again and the cycle continues for hours- sometimes days.

  8. One point you might want to add. It can be extremely hard for many people to stop smoking weed when experiencing CHS because smoking weed gives temporary relief of symptoms. So they smoke to feel better temporarily, but they are just making the problem worse and extending their symptoms. This seems to be very common in people with CHS (They hurt so bad they feel that they must smoke for short term relief).

  9. I get this once every 3 weeks and it stays about 3 – 5 days of vomitting every 5-10 minutes. And it even causes insane respiratory attackd where i cant breathe for like half a hour its very very scary. They need to find an E pen or somthing for this. Been smoking 13 yrs and its too hard to stop.

  10. The reasoning behind seemingly illogical actions can be hard to grasp. Thank you for taking the cognitive energy to have empathy for the people who are effectively medicating something in their life with cannabis. I'd be fascinated to find out if edibles or concentrates cause CHS at the same rates? Also wondering if fat store releases might intensify symptoms as those cannabinoids are chemically different and cause different effects.

  11. Great video… @ZDoggMD I have recently been diagnosed with CHS by my GI. During the multiple tests that were run on me before my diagnosis, one of them was a Gastric Emptying Study, which confirmed that I also have Gastroparesis. My question is this, if I continue to abstain from cannabis, will my Gastric Emptying Time go back to what it once was before my overuse of THC products? Or will I now be stuck with Gastroparesis for life? Thanks guys… stay strong!!

  12. nika stop f as round cuz it's neem oil this doing this shit okay you got a fucking look up your fucking history of dumbass you didn't see no case of this in the seventies right okay then now people start putting testifies on it so has to be too fucking neem oil that you guys at fuck you made it legal to use for those fucking places where they give you weed so I don't know why the fuk you guys saying is h h p s so I don't know why the fuk you guys saying

  13. I'm glad I'm not a drug addict. You can tell who is by how they come out of the woodwork to defend weed.

  14. I'm previous military, and have a degenerative nerve disease. I was so excited about getting out of the military, medical retirement, to actually try MM. First day officially out, I tried a small amount. Oooooo NO! I got sick and yacked everywhere. Just doesn't work for me. Haven't tried edibles yet. Maybe a slower milder means may work. I just want to get off some of my meds.

  15. Super interesting vlog. RN here…I had a patient with this syndrome and almost nothing helped. This patient had compazine, zofran, reglan, Tigan nothing helped. Until a few days being in the hospital did the medication started to work but very little. But I didn’t think of hot baths, interesting. Now I know next time how to educate my patient better on this topic. Thanks ZDogg

  16. Apparently hot baths also mitigate the symptoms of cyclic vomiting syndrome, so you can't use that for a differential diagnosis.

  17. ER nurse here. In my experience ER docs tend to fall back on this as a sort of catch all diagnosis when a patient who smokes the reefer daily comes in with uncontrollable vomiting. Even if it is an isolated event.
    Sometimes a pot head just has a viral syndrome or food poisoning just like everyone else.

  18. If you are awarding continuing ed credit, you are going about it the wrong way. As a behaviorist educator, you should first list all the questions you want someone to answer demonstrating they got out of your vid what you intended before you start the presentation and then have a web site they can go to to answer test questions to validate learning.

  19. I recently got cussed out in the most vile way by a patient’s girlfriend for simply suggesting that the patient’s daily use of marijuana for the past 10+ years might be causing his hospitalizations every 3 months for persistent vomiting (hot baths worked wonders). Just another reason I will be retiring early. I’ve yet to have a patient accept the possibility of chronic marijuana use causing their cyclic vomiting all that well.

  20. Good show ZDogg! Its interesting how everyone has a different response and this talk also highlights that indulging too much in anything can go from a positive benefit to a negative benefit. I indulged a little bit to much with drinking on my 40th bday and woke up to vomiting multiple times throughout the next day which is not usual for me. I could not keep anything down and was feeling really rough so smoking pot was the last thing I wanted. I dont smoke everyday or even every week and when I do I only indulge with a few hits. After a friend recommended to take a hit to help out…I decided to give it a shot. One hit and my nausea/vomiting stopped. Honestly, it kinda blow my mind that it would work right away! I only took that one hit so who knows if taking more would have had a more negative effect?

  21. I work in a small community hospital and we have several frequent flyers that come in with this. The users never want to believe that the marijuana is the issue. They will take upwards of 30 showers a day so its super obvious what the issue is!

  22. I have been smoking cannabis(heavily) for 40 years and I have known hundreds of smokers through those years, not only have I never become nauseous and thrown up from Cannabis I've never even heard of that before.
    If this actually happens it has to be a microscopic amount of cannabis users.
    No offense Doc, But I have to call bullshit.

  23. As long as marijuana is a schedule I, we people in the medical field can lose our licenses because the federal government trumps state laws. If marijuana has been proven to help people with seizures, chemo side effects, and neuropathy, not to mention IBS, PTSD, anxieties, et al. why can't the DEA move marijuana be moved to a schedule II??? Thank you.

  24. It also could be endometriosis, I have nausea with that since pain can make you feel ill like that too. I also sleep with a heating pad (I know not the best but it helps a little) so yeah, it can also be that problem too, that presents that way. Is the bloody elephant in the room that is hard to talk about. XD I don't smoke, but am willing to try edibles just to help with the pain. It's hard to go to bed knowing the pain you're going to be in every day.

  25. Have seen this in numerous pregnant women. It is unfortunate that babies can't have a clean uterus to grow in for just 9 months.

  26. My ownanecdote;
    I was wrongfully diagnosed with this a years or so ago. I wentto a gastroenterologist when I lost 100 pounds without trying. I had no appetite, I was full extremely fast, and I had a bit of vomiting if i forced myself to eat. I never got realeif from showering, I have highly active ms so I feel even worse in the shower and it an even provoke vomiting. But I smoked a lot of weed for a long time, the doctor couldn't see passed that. I ended up getting properly diagnosed and treated for gastroparesis and gastritis by my family doctor. Now I am doing better, I can eat a bit more and have much less nausea.
    I still use a lot of weed every day, i would rather use that then bachlofen and I don't want to spasm out of my chair, all my doctors support the use, I was prescribed it to begin with.

  27. So my ONE attempt to use pot I ate 3 cookies, 10mg thc and cbd each. Spent 5th day puking, thinking "damn my one day off, I could have done laundry.". My son said "pot doesn't cause nausea!"

    Yeah, sure it doesn't. Blergh.

    Tried acid last weekend. Was not magical. I guess I'm just not a drugs person.

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