Cannabis Human Rights Complaint, Government Can’t Sell Cannabis, CBD and Nicotine and More!

So much to discuss tonight! NEW MERCH – I love to talk cannabis! You can follow me at these places sometimes too!


  1. Saw your live tonight at the show not this show but next weeks show kind of weird to say that right
    Love to know how to get on the live show for some questions.

  2. Shoot for the stars bro embrace the madness and get ur face out much love 💗🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

  3. Pigeons I got a question because I really need to upsize. So if I wanted to grow about 6 plants maybe 7 how big of a grow space do you think I should have? I have a whole basement at my disposal so I’m trying to build up from my 5×5 tent

  4. Well, looking at your face would suit me better than looking at your crotch but that's just me. Cheers pal. 👍🏻

  5. I'm sure we'd all like to see who the man is behind mystery. I know how great it'd be to come out of the grow closet. And its so hard not to share because it's so dang exciting. But is it better to keep to keep it unknown? Creepers and poorly intentioned persons are totally real, and sadly can put you at risk. Which wouldn't be cool at all.

  6. Man I hate Georgia. I’m a 100 percent disabled veteran I’m dying from systemic sclerosis which Uncle Sam gave me. One eye no fingers just thumbs teeth fell out from meds. Now that I can’t get it I’m going to end up of of 20 plus veterans that kill themselves. What a fucking waste. Fuck you Georgia 🖕

  7. I'm in Arkansas U.S.A and it has become legal medically, but if I get a medical card, I stand to lose my ss disability benefits.and my Medicare ins. What kind of shit is this, how can they do this.????

  8. Last comment if you show your face remember not only the good that may come from it but the possibility of the negative consequences of how public your garden is and now there is a recognizable face with it now. Do what you like props to coming this far and getting that camera so do qhat you feel is right just be ready for both good and bad

  9. Here's my idea th us govt is infringing on my pursuit to happiness because i can't "grow". I have the "talent" lol but because it's not legal here i cannot " grow". How come some to have the opportunity here how come others can't. I have no choice to move because my situation does not permit it. The one thing that could change my situation 100% . 6 plants could give me a new set of teeth. These kind i want so i can smile again. Ugh. Hope iowa and the fed can allow me to be successful!

  10. Use that weight like you wanted on the tip pot and then shove a funnel through the whole into the medium

  11. The insurance company may be a private company but they don't have the right to investigate a elderly woman with a medical condition doing everything legally,and strip her insurance for a breach of her privacy to do what she wants in her home. In America we have rights to privacy in our home and privacy of our medical conditions unless they present a threat to themselves or someone else.

  12. hellooo pigeons. really good stuff. I think the cbd nicotine link is typo'd, but that aside googled it and very appreciative

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