Cannabis grown with the Kratky Method, Passive Deep Water Culture.

This last summer I had the fortune to attend the Mother Earth News Fair in Albany, Oregon. While there I met an individual that turned me onto the Kratky method …


  1. Great video! can you tell me the diameter of your 5 gallon buckets and where did you get the large net pots? what size are those too? thanks man!

  2. How old were the before you put them in the system? I'm basically asking how old do the plants have to be before you introduce them to the full strength nutrients in the water??

  3. Why are the net cups so big if the end goal is to have the roots free of a growing medium….. Aren't you just replacing clay pebbles for soil ? ? ? would it not be as effective with net cups 1/3rd of the size ? ? ? ?

  4. Same sort of question i use 5 gallon buckets for my dwc and with a 8 in net pot top i only have 3 gallons to hit the bottom. My calculation is you only have 3 gallons of actual water. Is there updates for this method?

  5. Also what are all the needed tools for this grow? I got the 5 gal bucket, net, and the clay rocks but I'm still kinda confused haha

  6. Can you use a germinated seed and rockwool as a substitute if you don't have a clone? Like rockwool, smaller reservoir, etc.

  7. Dosent the ph of the water get to low after a week of sitting there with nutrients and also wouldent all of the nutes settle at the bottom and burn the roots once most of the water is gone and wont you have to do a water and nute change to go to flower ?

  8. Hi there I’m excited to discover this method thank you for sharing! Just a question, in the initial planting is the water all the way to the base of the plant or did you leave an air gap to start with? Also using the clay pellets did you have any trouble with the roots drying out within the net pot? I’ve heard that can be a problem with this medium. Thanks!

  9. If the entire bucket is 5 gallons and you arent filling it up all the way aren't you overfeeding by 1 scoop each? This is a very interesting video. love it.

  10. Any particular reason you decided to use such large net pots, for these plants? I would think it might lead to excessive evaporation of water/ nutrients from the containers, over time.

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