Cannabis Growing Basics- Plant Training

This documentary may Depict the cultivation of legal medical Cannabis in the state of California. Caligreen channel insist that you do not attempt to recreate any …


  1. i have been watching your videos every day the past few mouths , and i just recently got my med card and your videos have helped out a lot

  2. This was good information straight to the point. This will help out growers out there to maximize their over all yield with these three simple techniques. Thank you Caligreen for sharing your knowledge with others. Happy growing.🌱

  3. Anyone catch the "He Basics" at 16 seconds?? My brain made the correction…its all good..great video!!

  4. Hey, Cali Green. I'm having trouble keeping my tea from going bad. I have 1 small plant at the moment. Not big enough for a complete gallon, or 2 of tea. Since I'm using tea every 2 weeks to water can you tell me how I can prevent wasting the tea I make? I've read an air pump is required for storing. I'm curious how you store your tea and nutrient (Urb, Seaweed, molasses) mix?

    Do you have a reservoir you're constantly pumping air into? I notice you'll use the Urb seaweed molasses mix for days. Is there a max time I can keep the Tea/nute mix for?

  5. Hey bro do a video of your watering recipes and how you keep your ph in check. Cuz I watch your blue dream grow video and i would love to learn how you mix everything. I dont smoke but I love growing plants and I love the details you give in videos.

  6. I have tried all the training techniques and they certainly have their benefits, I did some tests and in the end I chose to stop all forms of training and just let them grow as a tree, personally with my grow the yield was higher with no training but perhaps if I did more time and experience training I would change that, for me tho I just get rid of crispy leaves if I make any, usually a few at the bottom but that's it. Thank you for showing me how you do, perhaps I will do some more tests

  7. WHats up, brother? Hey would you LST before you pot up? Say about a week before? Or is it best to wait for after it's in the finishing pot?

  8. You’re one of the most informative yet straight to the point growers on YouTube, love your videos ✌️

  9. Dope canopy shots. I think a long instrumental outro will help it seem to end less suddenly. Love every vid you make!

  10. Great training process it make it better for me to learn how to and when to do my stress training thank you cali Green

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