Cannabis Grow Tents For Growing The Best Weed – Grow tip

Scotty, Dude and Guru talk about the best grow tents for growing the best cannabis! Answering Grow Talk question from Marty_McFried who got his first grow …


  1. 4 – 5 gal. imo…scroggs are a pain if you ask me… super cropping makes it necessary to handle lower height.

  2. Dude you can use a 1000 in a tent and cool it if you have a good exhaust going out and a small fan blowing cool air in

  3. Scrogs can be a pain in the ass if you need to do anything to the plants, day 49 in flower and i got 3 plants that all are gonna have to come down at different times. I gotta have close to 50 or more colas in a 2×4 tent tho so its hard to complain.

  4. I got a 630 cmh, in a 4×4 gorilla (buy once cry once) heat can be an issue during certain times of the year. I do 6 plants in 5 gallons in socal. I do scrog at 24" and 30"

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