Cannabis for Pets with Dr. Robert Silver

Dr. Becker sits down with Dr. Robert Silver to discuss his use of cannabis, hemp, and CBD in the treatment of pets. For more information on Dr. Silver and his …


  1. "cannabis derived", "hemp derived" – there is one plant, one species – Cannabis Sativa. Different varieties, or cultivars, have differing levels of the 113+ known cannabinoids. Yes, THC is not always necessary, but then neither is CBD. There is no compelling current scientific reason to focus only on CBD. Your guest has no idea if the success he has seen is due to CBD, or one or more, of the other many cannabinoids. So when he speaks authoritatively about not needing THC or CBD is the magic bullet, he is talking out his ass.

  2. I was on my third bottle of a CBD product I had been using on my dog and questioned if it was effective. (I also tried two other brands.). My vet suggested that I ask for a “Letter of authenticity/analysis. I requested it from the company I bought the three bottles of CBD oil from but never received a response. I found another company and they PROMPTLY provided me with a letter. I noticed the new product has been effective on my dog. I will no longer be buying from the previous vendor which came recommended.

  3. Wow such good info on this!!👏 Thank you, Dr.s x2!!! I've been looking into getting this for my 2 older dogs issues, very helpful info.❤

  4. is this using an oral dosage or rubbing the oil on the dog's ears? aha, question answered about 3/4 way through. Thank you. Topical Benedryl on the ears for snake bite too.

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