Welcome to ThoseYorkiesx3!! My name is Kenissa and I have three Beautiful Yorkies:Marley, Zoey, & Bailee. In this video we …


  1. Dont use glass syringes or droppers tho they break amd can b eaten by our pets plastic onrs are kool tho spread the warning!:)

  2. Hi as of June 1,2019 I will officially have a puppy yorkie!! I’m very excited but nervous because this will be completely new to me. Yes I am a mother but puppies are a little different just because their not verbal like my son lol. I will like to join you on your next meet and greet. I do reside in the state of Georgia as well. So can you please keep me informed with your next meet and greet. Thank you

  3. Hey Kennisa!
    I've been subbed to your channel for a while and kinda binge-watching old vids. I was wondering if you could do a never before seen clips of you and the Yorkies! I think this would be really cute and funny and also something different from the usual. Anywho, I love your videos and do you have any tips for someone planning for a new puppy?

  4. New subscriber hey🙋
    I m yorkie mom too i have yorkiepoo aww your yorkies are so cute😍

  5. Hello! I was wondering if you (or anyone really) could help me with this question. I have a dog, her name is Willow and she is 6 months old. We keep her outside during the day so she can run around, but my step dad puts a shock collar on her. I HATE shock collars, even if they work I don’t like them. Pain is not a good way to train a dog. Should I give Willow away so that she can have a better life or should I keep her? I want the best for her but at the same time don’t want her to leave.

  6. Your the only Yorkie channel i watch the other channel just show how cute their yorkies are and we all know our own yorkies are the cutest lol but your channel has actually taught me stuff since I have inly gad large dogs having my Jazzy is a new experience so thanks for all the info mine little girl looks like all 3 of your in 1 she has the face of 1 the ears of the other and the color of the small size of the other lol

  7. Great to see you again! Thank you for your videos. You have helped me so much with my Yorkie.
    After watching Dr. Oz investigate and test CBD oil for humans, the human products had no standards, nor quality assurance, nor were required to have. Therefore, I wouldn't use for myself or my 6lb Yorkie.

  8. So glad you posted I’ve been watching all your videos. I just got my 3 month old yorkie a week ago and I’ve been educating my self through some of your videos. One question though. He has dandruff o his tail is there anything that can help that?

  9. Thanks for the info, glad to see you post again, been missing your videos you always give great information. I have a Ratshi terrier she will be two months old on the 17th

  10. Dear Kenissa, Marley, Zoey and Bailee, thank you for the helpful info. It is so nice to see a wonderful and caring furbaby mama!!! You take such good care of them and you are a great example for the rest of the world.

    I love watching your videos and God bless you Kenissa, Marley, Zoey and Bailee because you really brighten my day.

    Keep up the good work guys!!!!

    Xoxo xoxo 👍🐾😘. Love, Ronda

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