1. I came to listen to this lady talk about dosages but I’m halfway through the video & this dude is arguing semantics. How much has he smoked cause these are pretty simple concepts. Shut up so we can here her talk. She helps legitimately sick people, why are you asking her about people who aren’t?

  2. Why treat the symptoms with CBD, when you can heal the ailment with pure THC? Don't make any sense to me, that people don't see the cure is in those trees… not just symptoms to be relieved,,, health & wellness can be achieved… It's a miracle beyond belief…Now you know just where to find relief…..avoid the grief, a lot of you know more than me……So, stand up. Your'e the key.

  3. Hyppa doesn’t protect anonymity from a government that can (and already is, in Hawaii) using that to revoke 2nd amendment rights.

  4. I'm actually sick to death of that stupid dr frank cunt ruining what would've otherwise been a good video

  5. 💟🏳️‍🌈Cleanliness ALL Life Forever Beautiful and Yes Cannabis!‼️🤩💚🎗

  6. And the difference between medical and recreational is the quality and purity of medical cannabis, recreational cannabis isn't clean enough to be medicinal even though it still has medicinal benefits.

  7. Jesus this idiot is so frustrating to listen to. First 18 minutes of this Dr Idiot was a mindless waste. Mara is an encyclopedia too bad the right person was not there to pick her mind and ask better questions.

  8. Hard time to listen to dr Frank. I’m getting dizzy hearing him say the same thing over and over again!! Waste of time! Use your time better. Extraordinary intelligent guest and you just waste time!!!

  9. I believe there is a specific strain for every specific ailment there is. Ultimately scientists will pin point them all, and then the next step is to fine tune the medication with terpenes to intensify the medicine, or new strains will be bred specifically for individual ailments. eg its been found Hazes and Kush's are good for anxiety due to the high Linalool content but the future lies in more specific strain information ("Haze" and "kush" are still far too vague) CYP450 plays a huge role too. Mara Gordon, you are an amazing person. This plant and your teams research are changing this world for the better

  10. Would have ben Great Info, would have gotten more, but the Fat dude won't SHUT UP .  Take some lessons in what a good interview is.  We don't need to know what you know we want to know what your Guest knows.

  11. Tell Frank to shut up you want people to listen to your podcasts … his ongoing interruptions just disrupted what could have been a great interview by a person who knows a lot about this subject.

  12. Dr. Frank is a rude, obnoxious idiot. I'm going to find Dr. Gordon somewhere else so I don't suffer through this guy's continual, insulting interruptions

  13. Seriously stopped watching g this because this guy is an idiot. Who the fuck cares what you call the usage.

  14. I wish Dr.Frank would shut up and let the guest talk.I hope she is allowed to could do an uninterrupted interview in the future.

  15. Who the hell cares if it's called recreational or medicinal. Get to the point, you have an expert on, ask pertinent questions. What a waste of a couple of minutes.

  16. mix 1 egg with 1 cup sugar and herb. add 1 cup peanut butter. roll, flatten cookies. bake 350 til lightly golden

  17. Dosing, use as much as you need, and then add a few bowls beyond what you need each day. As much as you can afford. Slowly increase your tolerance, and maintain as high a daily dose as you can get in your system. Use hemp and cannabis lotions, and also juice raw cannabis.

    If you can afford a high amount each day, try this out. Take oil directly by mouth, under tongue, however you need at least each night. Increase your tolerance as much as you can. If you do this gradually over time, and slowly increase your tolerance, while juicing cannabis, and exercising as well as eating properly… I'd love to see the results. I expect there are a couple people in hollywood doing this. Total speculation but I'd guess Jennifer Anniston, and Paul Rudd have some sort of serious cannabis routines. If it triggers apoptosis, that can only bring good things as far as health and aging. If all your systems work better due to propertly feeding the endocannabinoid systme, and keeping the brain healthy, I don't think there are dangerous levels to cannabis. I think it will naturally balance out, as long as you slowly but steadly increase your daily doses, and increase your tolerances. We have a serious cannabinoid deficiency in our world. Have since the early 40's. Our livestock ate hemp feed and wild hemp in the fields. It was made into flour and food, and in many of the medicines and "tonics" sold prior to that.

    Our life expectancy has been extended due to modery science, but if it would have been allowed and encouraged all along, most everyone you know would have received many more cannabinoids in our systems. At one point I would have thought the things I am saying are crazy, but since becoming a medical cannabis patient, and learning what it does and how it works, we need this put into overdrive. It's 2018, and why are we still allowing any of this nonsense illegal bullshit? If you have the means, someone try the above for a month or two Sativa strains in the morning plus coffee, bullet proof coffee would be good. At night before bed heavy indica flower and oils. Wax dabs whatever as well. Give it a go if you can. 😉

  18. Thanks for this amazing information, the media and pharmaceutical trade are promoting synthetic THC/CBD, these are made by GW PHARMACEUTICALS (UK) and spreading myths and lies about real cannabis!

    That company is extremely dodgy!
    The British Secretary of State Victoria Atkins, her husband owns the largest cannabis factory in the UK and she has provided him with the license! He is the owner of British Sugar. Fact!
    Theresa May the prime minister, her husband is a shareholder in GW Pharmaceuticals UK. Fact!

  19. He must've wasted 10-15 minutes of HER valuable time talking about recreational vs medical. LET HER TALK!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. 10:30 or thereabouts…. what a tedious conversation. This guy just sucks the air out of the room. "recreation" is a derogatory term and all use is medicinal use. How about sacramental use like Rastafari? Is that derogatory? Should Rastas say medicine instead of sacrament!? What a weak preface to bore us with, Mara was so patient. She must have smoked (I mean medicated) with some "moron resistance" strain cos I was stoned ten minutes ago and now I'm ranting in the comments!!! This dude is Dr Buzzkillington!

  21. Why do you invite someone to be interviewed and in the end don’t let her speak? Interrupting her too much :/

  22. Worst interviewer ever Get educated before you interview a person Etc that’s what’s mDo what how u use it !!!

  23. Finally someone speaking about dosage and not about how good it is and then abusing the f out of it

  24. Treats PTSD and Bipolar extremely effectively!!!! To the phaurmadueticals for 15 years. Walking Zombie. All kinds of other health issues as a result of fake chemicals on pharmasueticals. Now healthy, 100 pounds lighter, no pills!!!!

  25. Jebus Murphy, Dr. Frank, never commented on a video before, but your interruptions of such an intelligent person really show a huge disparity in intelligence between the two of you. A bit aggressive, but it is your channel that used a misleading title for the video. Let her speak HER topic.

  26. She is extremely smart and well educated on Cannabis more then most in the field, she is someone who continues to research the best ways to dose patients for the patient! Very good care plans and knowledge on the Cannabinoid system!

  27. It is a plant that is ingested in one for or another. It is both recreational and medicinal. We can eat and drink and smoke from a recreational viewpoint, yet get the benefits medicinally … why is this even a topic because this jackass(Dr Frank) likes to hear himself speak

  28. She is insightful and i do like.her but a skype call is 300.00 very expensive and thats not any cannabis.

  29. Why does this Frank bloke keep interrupting and giving Mara Gordon permission to carry on, go ahead he says, like she needs his blessing. What a total wanker.

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