Cannabis Dry sifting Documentary

This documentary may depict the cultivation and pressing of medical cannabis in California. This video does not encourage others to participate in any illegal …


  1. Hey Caligreen another great video😊
    I have one question about growing cannabis, Does tent ventilation need to be on 24 hours a day?

  2. I love your videos it’s really helping my friend with his growing he’s gonna be doing so it’s really helping him a lot

  3. I've been using dry ice and a 220 bubble bag to get the pollen and turning it to hash… Do u still use ur duolux600?

  4. This looks like it would good for a DIY project! If I would make one I would round the edges so you get everything out more easily. Btw what music do you use in your videos?

  5. Hey Cali, what's up Bro' ?!!
    Nice gold you have there, it's funny because i have the same pollen Grey box with the motor and filter turning inside but the name is polinator and It is from holland.
    I also have a Top Zief for smaller trim quantities…
    Thanks for sharing .

  6. Dude u need to go to the grow tube they have an app and also fuck youtube . canuck is over there . please bros leave youtube they just want to screw us when it suits them no more man

  7. What up Cali Green 😎. Me and a friend made one the old fashion way out of a blue print from High Times. If you ever get tired of that one ship it to me… I'll pay for the shipping 😂

  8. are you sure its pollen?… I thought pollen was the male sperm.? or are you just saying that because that is its nickname?

  9. You teaser..I was trying to smell my phone.. Who the hell knows what gadget you will show us next..
    What.. He could have smell a vision.. He's Cali Green we a know he has super powers.. I think he sold his soul to the devil so he could be the master grower…. Like the old blues guys would do to get fame.. Hahaha..
    Cool stuff C.G. Way out of my league

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