1. This is an awesome video thanks very much for making it I have a buddy that asked me a lot of questions about humble beginnings and this can answer a lot of them in one shot

  2. Well done👍🏻 buds look great and the video was put together good. Gonna watch out for new videos from you now. I got a grow coming up here soon too. Check me out for concentrate stuff and I just got some new lights😜😜
    Keep growing the good green stuff and share share share😎😎

  3. Plants look amazing brother awesome job that little plant had a nice healthy big buds on it it looks very nice and healthy awesome job keep up the good work mad respect

  4. Hi, I work for a lender company and we fund start – ups and cannabis businesses, if you guys are serious in starting a business in the cannabis world, I can help out! Only in USA. Thank you & Have a nice day!

  5. good job, ✌️ I grew it last year outside good results fruity hint of banana skin as well nice smooth moke..

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