Cannabis Chronicles – Charlotte's Web Hemp (CBD) Oil

This is my review of Charlotte’s Web Original Formula Full Extract CBD Oil. Hope it was helpful and you have a great day! REFERRAL LINK: …

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  1. Thank you for sharing Mark. I too have been living with chronic health issues that haven’t been responsive to meds. I look forward to following your story and how it’s working for you. I just started taking CW Oil.

    I had an eye cancer called retinoblastoma in which has left me a mess of life challenges. I have minor radiation damage on my temporal lobes. I’m luckily able to live a full life, but since I have hit about 18 I have been diagnosed with multiple rare health conditions. Complex Partial Seziures, Psuedotumor Cerebri and anxiety are by far the top two worst. Since 2016 I have worked so hard to understand myself and learn my triggers. It’s helped, but with multiple conditions I can prevent everything and life is often flipped upside down. I don’t have a strong support network so I’m hoping CW CBD also works for me also.

    Best wish to you!

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