1. Hey gare, yer plants are doin well i see, mine are growin very good also but mine are outside, in this hot sun,but their doin fine, hopefully all goes well, take care my friend, shakyjake out.

  2. Awesome stuff Gare.. I had a Cat I cared about too. Unfortunately in Jan this year a pack of 3 pit bulls got him. He was probably the best friend I ever had and was only 3 years old. I was not a cat person before he found me as a feral kitten.. I confronted the dog owners , who did nothing but throw obscenities at me! I then called the police who told me they can do nothing.

  3. GOOD for you Gary! Herb is SO healing, ever part of the plant containing endocannabinoids that feed the ECS system in every human; we were MADE to use this herb! Looking good – Love to Missy kit-kat!

  4. Good morning Gare! That was a nice update video of the plants. Those ones are coming along nicely.

  5. Grew it and smoked it from 1964 until a couple of years ago. I quit because no matter what variety it all puts me to sleep. I still grow "shrooms" though they are "wild."

  6. I never knew it had been legalised in Canada. Good for you Gary, crops looking great!
    I was a canabis farmer for over ten years. Caught and convicted for cultivation with intent to suppy back in 2011.
    I still smoke, but I have to wait until its legalised in the UK before I start growing again. I forgot how much I missed it until I watched your video. Keep us up to date with it.
    Check out the four pot IWS hydroponic system. You could make your own for under £100. Will increase your yeild by three times. Grow in clay pebbles rather than soil and dont reduce the light from 18 hours to 10. This will shock your plants and it will stunt their growth, yeild and THC content.
    Go from 18 hours, to 16 for 3 days, then same for 14, 12, then 10 hours for your last 2 weeks of flowering.
    Take care brotha

  7. I bought a rose bush from the garden centre what was dying just to see if I could bring it back to life and it's doing ok

  8. Amazing Grass an a Cool Cat!
    The Word, "Crop," in My State carries warrant.
    Unwarranted attention. Haha.
    So much Fun to be had Too!
    Beauty Gaz, Excellent Looksie.

  9. Would love to share a smoke with yer, difficult to grow when you don't know what your doing lol. Great song….Gods grace is amazing, eternal life is a free gift from God… that is amazing.

  10. It just needs to be planted wild again where it belongs.

    it shows you the monopoly our governments and the church wanted on our mindset that they outlawed and removed our herbs and herbalist from the environment.

  11. Gary is the baddest ass grandpa of all time. You should look into nectar for the gods fertilizers sometime. Its what I use, totally organic and all made in Oregon.

  12. Hiya

    Your ladies are looking well, if a little slender.
    They may need a cane or two to help support the coming buds

    I highly advise getting a 24h timer, they are less than 10 bucks.

    If you miss lights out for any reason and they get more than 12 hours of light the plants will re-enter the vegetative state and your crop will suffer

    Roll on Harvest Time 😉

  13. I'm glad the crop is turning out well! It's a little frustrating to live where I can get it medically, but still can't grow it myself. I'd much rather be doing that. In due time, I guess. At least what I get now is legal.

  14. While I support the use of marijuana for restricted medical use. I do not support its use for recreational use. I do not use it. Nice grow system. Nice music. Best

  15. I don't smoke anymore Gare … but I know you'll enjoy those flowers when its time…it was one of my most triumphant times of life when I tasted my first self grown flower. The taste was so clean and quality was far above and beyond what I was used to. Happy harvest brother. Hope it's legal in my state some day.

  16. I hope you have a carbon dioxide source for your plants that love carbon dioxide. Or hopefully you breathed on them everyday.

  17. Would like to be in a legal position too. I'm still processing on how can someone demonize a plant? I think it really will never be possible that Europe will unban it. Until then I shall toke in the shadows with you Cannabis Santa.


    Some Italo – German dude

  18. I'll admit Gary it's not my cup of tea and not what I expected from this channel, but either way thanks for sharing, all the best.

  19. That cat was so cute at the start c: its good to see youre still going strong Gare, also I honestly didnt know you were Canadian until this video came out.

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