Cannabis and Botrytis blight

One of my plant has Botrytis blight. Im just learning more about this issue. Lots of people having issues with this blight especially if you live in damp regions.


  1. Serenade, actinovate. There loads more that are suitable for soil fungal issues please dont pull out your plants. They can be 100% within a week or 2 of regular soil drenches and or sprays depending on your problems.

  2. I love growing in the ground roots have more room to move around unlike in a pot they just keep wraping around the container u have plenty room to grow in ground should use the property just saying love your plants tho

  3. 🗣 i have an outside grow it’s in flower now I only feed it once a week with maxi bloom ,and sum leaves are yellowing up any advice 🙏🏿

  4. I hope we get this nailed down, I generally lose about 1/10 of my total yield if not more to botritis. I usually carefully cut the affected area away with sterilized scissors (rubbing alcohol, especially in between cuts) put them in a paper sack (keeping it sealed while working) and burn them immediately. I seldom lose entire plants, but having it so low on the stalk like that, it might've been doomed. I also hear copper based sprays may help as it is antimicrobial. But spraying anything may compound your problems by bringing even more humidity. I'm currently using a product called Organocide to keep PM at bay with pretty good success. OMRI listed, and it's a 3 in 1 insecticide, fungicide and miticide. Mostly sesame oil and food grade fish oil as far as I can see. Good luck, buddy, let me know of you find the magic bullet:)

  5. I don't think it's a coincidence you were dealing with over watering problems and now stem rot , you need more drainage holes in your buckets it's looking like !

  6. You need beneficial enzymes like cannazyme hygrozyme or sensizym. They eat all that dead deacaying rot and keep the roots white and healthy. The rot happens all the time when using organic based fertilizers with soil and pots accompanied by the overwatering. Try a 50/50 coco soil mix next time for better aeration and drainage.

  7. You might want to consider converting the containers to wicking tubs. A fellow named Leon has been
    posting vids on YouTube on the concept. In a nutshell, one puts a water reservoir in the tub, places a permeable cloth, weed barrier over the reservoir, fills the tub with soil, and waters through
    another tube going into the top of the reservoir, which waters the plant from below.

    As gravity pulls the water down inside the reservoir, the soil itself, and the roots wick the moisture upward, drawing air into the cavity through the drain and fill spouts. This is one way of keeping the roots from drowning or developing rot.

    I have been planting fig rootings in 5 gal. wicking tubs, with a piece of pvc going into the reservoir, so that when cold weather comes, I can move the bucket inside and place a bowl under the spout.
    With the fertilizers tending to drain downward, the water coming out of the drain tube can be poured
    right back onto the soil.

    No reason this won't work with cannabis healthy too.
    Love the vids brother.

  8. Root rot. As far as I know Botrytis occurs manly in the colas.
    Root rot is caused by lack of oxygen due to overwatering.

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