1. Hey dan, how come your not mentioning when the s&p starts consolidating the mj sector will consolidate with it so we should be on alert? Just wondering the sentiment change.

  2. thanks dan, i kinda thought we would be going every other day on US Can. vids. which works, so many tickers. lol but look at you! 2 videos. All because you know we need the help. shinning example of a human Dan!.

  3. hahaha you gotta love theses videos in the end. it give you a nice quick detachment from this whole chart realm.

  4. I believe CGC will break that 48.70 tomorrow. There was quite a battle going on at the end of the day and it hardly moved. There was much resistance at 48.43 area. If it breaks that in pre market, I'll be looking for it to break 48.70 early on. Not that I know what im talking about. 🙂

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