1. Hey brother i run a small cannabis retail site please dm me and ill send you some samples to review !!

  2. Excellent review! The saddest thing is that HEMP CBD wasn’t included in legalization last October, which wasn’t made clear at that time. I’m Canadian, working with a US-based CBD company that has been able to get its Producer’s License in Canada. But there are a bunch of other steps Health Canada requires and we are very close to finishing. This is a huge opportunity for Canadians to not only get into the business from home or to add to their professional practice at zero cost but also will allow us access to certified premium products that we can trust. We had them in Canada up until Feb/19 when HC suddenly changed the regulations, and the demand was incredible. It’s through that initial experience that this company decided to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars to complete the new HC process to get back into Canada. So, we already have a big ‘ready to buy again’ customer base and as they loved the purity and how effective our products work, we have a very long list of referrals anxiously awaiting to hear when we can re-open. As far as we know, we will be the ONLY legal home-based Hemp CBD company available to Canadians. That’s super exciting, especially for anyone who wants to help others and profit from this rapidly growing market without having to invest any money or set up a brick and mortar site. ✅

  3. A lot of fair criticisms here. I really don't like the fact that small scale / craft growers aren't allowed to produce bud – apparently it's a govt lottery deciding who gets rich and who doesn't. Maybe that's a bit cynical, maybe not. I think grow-your-own is definitely the way for a lot of people, gardening is really a fulfilling hobby and gardening weed is just plain fun. But to play devil'd advocate a bit, I think it's also important to recognize that the system is still in primitive infancy and you might expect the initial results to be imperfect, so hopefully the situation improves over time.

  4. Fully agree. Sad that the government messed this up. Now that people are not as paranoid about buying and possessing weed the moms are actually even more popular. Top notch moms like Cheebas and Leaf2go have phenomenal products at very reasonable prices. Canadian weed is starting to be world renown and sought after. I would say that especially the bc product is starting to be on par with Amsterdam and California’s stuff. I have tried government weed but have now gone back to moms.

  5. Agree With You OCS is not working must be fixed You Need some Sponsor's To Show Off there Product's The Homegrown Market is Exploding over 50 is Driving lots of Traffic There Way We Buy Lots of Equipment 👍👊😤

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